February 17, 2011

Wet Pink – Segovia España – photo © Lynn Hacking

rated XXX

They are completely naked and unabashed. Pink, wet, fragrant petals spread wide and trembling at the thought of being touched in the light warm breeze…

I admit it. I have a problem with…


Flowers are, without exception, THE sexxxiest creature parts on our spinning green planet. Their shapes, smells, parts and colors boggle the imagination and, upon second glance, can make even the most amorous creatures blush like a schoolgirl. Wherever my life and work has taken me, from Turkey to my back yard, there has always been an array of sweet-smelling flora, attracting my eye like a stiff, pollinating bee. That’s why I named this tender collection FLEUROTICA. I’ve been capturing glimpses of these short-lived sex sirens for decades – now, I’ve placed a slight bouquet of my catch at www.lightcatcherfilm.com – just in time [almost] for Valentine’s Day.

…story of my life.